“scented, determined, immediate”

my Sauvignon starts with the cold

Venezia Giulia IGT (Geographical Identification) – Azienda Agricola KANTE.
Obtained by hand-harvested 100% Sauvignon grapes.
The vineyard is located at 250 meters above sea level in the Carso Triestino; an area composed of red soil and limestone rock characterized by strong drainage.
With a density of 5,500 plants per hectare, a yield of 1.5kg per plant, and a single Guyot cultivation system, it has been the symbol of the winery’s indigenous research for over 17 years.
In the Cellar
White wine vinification involves 12 months aging in antique French oak barriques, followed by another 6 months of stabilization in steel tanks. Final alcohol content is 12%.
Climate Trends
A season characterized by a warm summer.
The colder days during the vendemmia resulted in wines with an ever more freshness and minerality, characterized by notes of marked originality.
Wine Tasting
The wine has an intense straw-yellow color.
It creates a balance between the various notes of the local herbs, the fruity ones and the typical minerality found in the soils of the Carso. A play between freshness and softness. An intense scent that at the moment of tasting, communicates the true elegance and character of the wine. The wine’s final flavor is long and pleasant and in perfect harmony with the style of the cellar. Serving recommended between 10 – 12°C.
Bottle Sizes
0,75 L