La Bora di Kante


Edi Kante identifies his Chardonnay from
the Carso region within its territorial uniqueness,
Trieste “the city of the Bora”

Venezia Giulia IGT (Geographical Identification) – Azienda Agricola KANTE.
Obtained by hand-harvested, 2009 Chardonnay grapes.
Carefully selected over time, this vineyard is located 250 meters above sea level with a density of 7000 plants per hectare, giving a yield of 500/600 gr per plant. Orientated towards the West, the historic vineyard is located between the sea and the church of San Pelagio.
In the Cellar
White wine vinification involves 12 months aging in antique barrique barrels, followed by another 24 months of stabilization in steel tanks. The wine is then bottled without any filtration and then left to rest in the cellar for over 90 months. Final alcohol content is 12.5%.
Climate Trends
A great vintage year characterized by a warm spring with early ripening, followed by a summer with regular precipitation, and concluding with an exceptional dry vendemmia.
Wine Tasting
Bora 2009, thanks to the favorable atmospheric conditions of the year, results in an even more unique and exceptional product with all its natural characteristics. On observing the wine, it is limpid with a straw-yellow color making it luminous, yet elegant. Authentic and elegant with a refined fragrance, this wine can be distinguished by its freshness, despite the long period of aging, the saline flavors and the mineral contents. This is due to the richness in the mineral salts donated by the red soil, the vicinity to the sea, and the Bora, who enrichen each and every grape in an ever so natural way. Upon tasting, one can detect a buttery note, together with accents of citrus and yellow fruits. Serving recommended between 12 – 13°C.
Recognitions & Awards
Vini d’Italia VITAE
The Label
Represents the Molo Audace, a historic landmark of the city of Trieste, during a typical day with the “Bora”. The remarkable photograph captured by Marino Sterle.
Bottle Sizes
0,75 L – 1,5 L
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