Edi Kante

Craftsman and inventor.

Always innovating and trying something new.

Edi can sense the potential of the Karst plateau he loves
and respects.
He can master it 
without distorting its distinctive features in the most successful love story ever.



“I am not obsessed, I am just careful”

my land

Edi enhances the unique qualities of its barren land enriched by the sea breeze of the Gulf of Trieste.

It is a land with no land, where vines fight for survival against stones,
many stones.

Acidity and minerality are the distinctive features of a process in line with a harsh landscape cherished by the wise hands of a modern alchemist..



““I was born on the border and I have no borders.”

my cellar

The multi-storey cellar is dug into natural rock providing optimum temperature and humidity.
It is the perfect cradle for the best vintages
to be selected and aged in a bottle,
thus creating surprising products widening the horizons of white wines.



Edi tells about Kante.

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