Edi Kante

A master of such art, it is with continuous experimentation and innovation that creates products distinguished by their freshness and elegance; characteristics that can be uniquely found within the pureness of nature and its authenticity.





my territory

The red soil is obtained by digging the bottom of the doline and by grinding the rock of the Karst. A land that thanks to the sea breeze and the bora wind, gives a uniqueness to its products which are distinctly characterized by its acidity, minerality, and salinity.





my cellar

has been constructed on various levels with a depth of 18 meters down the excavated rock. One uniqueness of these cellars is a large wooden door facing the North-East, allowing the Bora to naturally enter the cellars which together with the natural Karst rock, create an optimum temperature and humidity for the wines.
This makes it an ideal cradle for the selection and aging of the best vintages in bottle.

The Vintages of Kante

The Vintages of Kante

“To use the best conditions nature can offer combining these to a technique based on perfection, precision and continuous innovation. Create products which while respecting the pureness of the fruit, acquire characteristics of purity, elegance, pleasantness, complexity. An authenticity only found in nature that can be uniquely obtained by making the wine evolve in bottles in an ideal cradle of natural conditions.”

From this philosophy, Edi Kante develops a technique searching for new balances and combining these with the particular conditions of the Karst and its geographical location; its red soil, strong drainage, sea influence, and important temperature fluctuations. It is this unique combination that has made possible the production of wines that continue to stun and to fascinate. Enduring wines with recalls of freshness and youth despite their venerable age. Wines of distinctive character blending aromas, scents and olfactory sensations. Unique in their sincerity and elegance, Kante’s vintages were first introduced in 1997. The readiness of each wine blend always depends on the types of wines themselves, but bottles are never released before 5 years from the vendemmia. Wines where the refinement and aging decisive passages occur in bottles, in a cellar that guarantees a natural and constant temperature of 12 degrees Celsius. A three-storey cellar, created in 1993, dug into the rock, recreating the same conditions of humidity, temperature and cleanliness of the Karst caverns.  



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